Well, at the very least we have a solid contract on our house.  We bought a house up north and now we are preparing to move.  Hard to believe but once we listed our house with an agent, it sold in less than 10 days.  And our market is exceptionally weird right now.  We are very lucky to be moving out of Florida to a state that isn’t like Florida at all.  Because right now in Florida it is an unrealistic market.  So many houses have inflated prices.  Last year, things were selling for close to a million bucks that a mere 18 months earlier would have sold for half that price (or less).  It’s weird and no one has really given a good explanation for why it happened.  Then everyone in Florida got greedy (hard to blame anyone) and started slapping their homes up for sale.  Where before there were a few out of control priced homes on the market, now there is a glut of out of control priced homes for sale.  We are really blessed to have sold our home so quickly.

I can’t fathom how people are surviving buying houses that are so expensive when they are coming in from other states where the market is, well, normal.  Our friends from Dallas were in total sticker shock when they moved back here.  They had no idea the prices had so drastically increased in the 3 years since they moved.  They’re used to it now and are hoping their contract finalizes in a week or so and then they too will be moving out of limbo-land into happy land.

If all goes well, we will be settled in our new home before Father’s Day.  Here’s a picture of our new place.  Now that we’ve sold our house, I’m really starting to get a bit excited. 

picture 1 

The people who bought our house here are also fantastic and it is just amazing to me that no matter how much I screw up as a believer, no matter how little I seek God’s direction in my life, no matter how much I think I can take care of business on my own, God just keeps on working and doing His thing.  I’m just this bystander, or better yet, hanger on. I have this image in my mind of a Very Large Man playing chess, moving pieces accordingly, and winning every time.  I’m a spec of dust on one of those pieces.  And all I can see is the little square that my piece is sitting upon.  Good thing God sees it all.  I’d never make it out of square one if things were truly left up to me.

And in the meantime, our house is sold.

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