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Marine Man

My niece is dating a young man who chose to serve his country by joining the Marines. He was home for a couple weeks in September and she sent me this picture. I'm so proud of him (and her for sticking by him) that I just had to post this photo. Semper Fi!

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Let it Snow…Almost

You heard it on the it on the internet...saw all the pictures.  "Midwest socked in with snow and ice!  Hundreds of thousands without power!"  We got a couple snowflakes, a ton of wind, and that's it.  My kids were disappointed.  I was disappointed.  But it was also cold.  I mean, really cold.  This morning… Continue reading Let it Snow…Almost

Family Life, Reflections on Life in General

Not so Happy Feet

Yesterday, my kids had a half day of school (why not the Wednesday before Thanksgiving instead of after Thanksgiving?  It is a question parents are still asking around the school district).  Because of this short break, I thought how fun it would be to take them to see the new movie "Happy Feet."  The trailers… Continue reading Not so Happy Feet