One week ago today I moved my entire life:  household, pets, children, husband, into a new home, in a new state.  We left everything we knew, loved, and treasured in Florida in order to pursue an opportunity of a lifetime. 

I have met neighbors, have been to 1 party and invited to 2 others already. 

Funny…I still feel a bit empty.  I know that feeling will ebb over time.  However, I don’t believe it will ever go away completely.  I hope it doesn’t.  I don’t want to forget anyone who meant so much to me in my “old life.”

My one major consolation is that I was very happy with myself before we moved.  I felt certain that my identity would not change when we moved.  That my identity was not linked to Florida and everything in my life there.  But I wasn’t 100% sure.  Now that I’m here, I realize that it is true. 

My identity is linked to me.

Wherever I go, it goes along.  While I may change over time, I know that who I am will now, and hopefully forever, be rooted in my soul.  I am amazed at the freedom this gives me.  I can go anywhere, do anything, meet anyone. 

Before we walked out of our home in Florida for the last time, I sobbed as I walked through each room…remembering.  But when that door closed, that part of my life closed too and I moved on. 

I will forever have wonderful friends…lifetime friends…to return to.  I anticipate many years of making memories ahead of us.  I miss them and their ready availability to answer my call, run to Costco for lunch, go shopping for shoes, or simply chat.  But even though the physical link of closeness has been severed, I am not dwindling to nothingness.

Their presence in my life has only enriched my soul and who I am.  So in essence, I look forward to more enriching opportunities, while missing my old friends with all my heart.

Some friends do not understand this.  I can only say to them that perhaps they are not so secure yet in who they are to know that their identity is not tied to any one person.  This seems self-assured and somewhat cocky.  I don’t mean it to be but it is the only way I can think of to explain why the move has not devastated me.

I am saddened by it, a bit lonely right now, and experiencing minor regrets.  But I am embracing the untold opportunities facing me.  And who knows?  One day I might move again and then where will I be? 

Right where I am now.  With me.

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