Long Ago and Far Away…

Once I used to sit here writing and posting happily to my blog.  Then something happened.  When I sat down to post my latest entry several weeks ago, my program kept denying me permission to post to my own website!  How rude.  I kept asking my husband to fix it and there was never a time when he wasn’t doing something else (being CTO of his company, working on the house in an effort to sell it, traveling).

This morning I tried to post again, just for the heck of it.  No dice.  So I went to my webpage (which I had done previously) and tried to edit a post (which I had not done previously).  I thought, perhaps I can sneak in through a back door and post this way.  I got an error message which stated simply “Your database is out of date.  Please update by clicking here.”  I clicked.  It updated.  I posted.

So that is the truth and I’m just sad to say I didn’t figure this out sooner.

Now I can post again and hopefully stay on top of it!

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