Family Life

Twas the night before conference….

...and all through the house Lynette is screaming and wailing And throwing her mouse. The children are nestled, All snug in their beds, Which is a good thing 'Cause Mom might lose her head! For tomorrow she leaves On a journey so fair To reach for her goals, And not pull out her hair. The… Continue reading Twas the night before conference….


Butterfly Kisses

Not the kind from the song you're probably singing along to right now.  But the kind that settle in your stomach and flutter around, dropping kisses of nerves and anticipation and fear and excitement throughout your insides. Those are the kind I have right now.  The mean reds have been replaced by butterfly kisses.  Angry,… Continue reading Butterfly Kisses


Sweet Dreams are made of this…

...lovely images, images that make you smile or laugh, images that change reality and distort it to an unrecognizable shape. But let me ask you, what about nightmares?  What defines a nightmare for you? Desperately trying to run somewhere and being stuck in the mud?  Trying to answer a ringing telephone but your hands are… Continue reading Sweet Dreams are made of this…