Today was the big wave of my family get-together. We had a smaller crowd than usual and for the most part, it was a wonderful, pleasant and fun-filled day.

Tracy, my husband, started out by making his wonderful to die for pancakes. He had three “seatings” of pancakes: early birds (my in-laws and children), mid risers (me, my sisters-in-law), and the visitors (the rest of my family). I stuffed myself early on and that was a problem. When my mom arrived, she made my aunt’s famous “road kill dip.” It’s made of ground beef, hormel chili and velveta cheese…all melted and cooked and stirred together in a crock pot. It’s so delicious…I ate so much I almost wished I was the road kill. At least then I would have been flattened and the pressure would have been released.

Then lunch came…tons more food. I felt like I was just standing around eating. I think that is one of the things I hate most about big family gatherings like this. It’s just one large feeding frenzy all day long.

The afternoon (after several snoozes around the house) was spent shooting water guns at each other. No one was sacred: grandma’s, babies…everyone was fair game. I was so drenched (thanks to my 15 year old nephew) that I had to change my clothes. My mother even jumped in the fray and began shooting water guns at anything and anyone who walked by. It was wonderful to see her acting so youthful. She tends to be too “old” for her age sometimes and I like to see her acting young and foolish on occasion. My mother-in-law, Ann, is an 18 year old trapped in a 72 year old’s body. She always acts young and foolish! One of her best traits.

Another activity to while away the hours was target shooting with a bee-bee gun. We took turns trying to shoot the target and see who could get the bulls eye. I’m proud to say yours truly hit closest to the mark: One ring from the center. No one else got close!

The evening was spent on the St. John’s River swimming and jet skiing. My in-laws (Fred & Ann) live in St. Augustine. Because they have this wonderful place on the river, we generally don’t spend much time in St. Augustine itself. We have so much to do at the river!

We are now experiencing the traditional Florida afternoon/evening rains. Once they are done, we hope to have a wonderful early fireworks display off the dock.

It’s just tradition and it’s a great one. We had a wonderful day and I’m thrilled I got to spend it with my family, after all!

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