Don’t you just love family gatherings? Catching up with relatives not seen in too long. Eating. Playing card games and dominos. Eating again. Chasing kids around your in-laws’ house…threatening death and doom if anything gets broken. Eating some more. Cleaning up the mess once it is broken. Discovering in that unpleasant, awkward moment exactly why you don’t live close to these relatives and you visit only on holidays. Eating yet again. Then concluding the day with a wonderful display of pyrotechnics, accompanied by the usuall ooos and aaahhs.

I love my family dearly. I can’t wait to spend the next 36-48 hours with them. But I also enjoy when they will be gone. I know they will be happy to get back to their own lives too.

I am interested in how it will all play out. My family has its own nuances, just like any other family. Being married doubles the fun. Not only do I get to “experience” my own family’s weirdness, I get to indulge in a little bit of in-law insanity too! And being completely fair, they get a glimpse of my own “Jekyll & Hyde Nature.”

The fun will begin soon. Here we go!

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