You heard it on the news…read it on the internet…saw all the pictures.  “Midwest socked in with snow and ice!  Hundreds of thousands without power!”  We got a couple snowflakes, a ton of wind, and that’s it.  My kids were disappointed.  I was disappointed.  But it was also cold.  I mean, really cold. 

This morning it was 11 degrees (read that again…e-l-e-v-e-n), and it felt like 3 with the wind chill.  Three!  Can you even make that make sense?  I cannot. 

Last night we drove downtown to see the giant tree lit up on the circle.  Of course, the windstorm knocked the lights out and they have yet to be re-lit.  But we had fun and on our way home it began to snow.  Nothing major, but just enough to swirl across the road and look like white confetti floating down.  We sang Christmas carols the entire way home and the kids were bouncing in their seats.

This morning, there was about 1/4” covering on the ground.  For my kids, it seemed like 140 feet.  They ran out this morning, trying to make snowballs, and jumping up and down, filled with excitement about how cold it was.

Let it snow!

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