I have the most amazing sister.  There is no better sister on the planet than mine.  Ok, so maybe you feel your sister is just as wonderful.  The thing is, I have more than one sister.  Oh, I have the most amazing biological sister.  And you will never convince me that your’s is better than mine.  

But I am talking about sisters.  Or maybe I should say “sistahs.”   You know the kind I’m talking about.  

  • The ones who laugh with you until you snort, then laugh some more because you snorted.
  • The ones who cry with you because your ex/crush/lover/dream man has suddenly decided not to reciprocate your undying love and affection.  And if some angry texts mysteriously make their way to him, well, she helps cover the tracks.
  • The ones who offer to hide the body and eliminate any incriminating evidence.
  • The ones who go drinking with you when you are feeling low.  
  • The ones who encourage (or force) you to get off your rear end and go to the gym.
  • The ones who say “I love you!” And “Call me when you get home, ok?”
  • The ones who say “you are so valuable to me and as long as I am alive, you will be important to at least one person!”
  • The ones who recognize when you’re in a rut and gently but firmly nudge you out of it onto a better path.
  • The ones who say, “I’m sorry you are so sad.  Here’s a tissue.  And a bowl of ice cream. And some wine.”

Do you recognize at least one of those sistahs?  I do.  I recognize every one.  They are my friends, my therapist, my cousin, my sisters-in-law, my mother-in-law, my amazing mom, my faithful brother (yes, he qualifies as a sistah), and, of course, my biological and outstanding sistER

Each one of them in their own unique and specific way have saved my life on so many occasions.  They have listened to my ugly cries, seen the snot drip down my face, picked me up and helped me start walking again.  

This is Valentine’s Day and I just want to say to all my sistahs…thank you.  You are in my heart every single day,  not just on February 14.  And just know that when the time comes, and you need someone to offer you a tissue and a bowl of ice cream and some wine, I will be first in line.

Someone saved my life tonight.  And she is wonderful.

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  1. Lynette, I would love to be one of your sistah’s! I’m sorry you’re hitting some rough roads, just get beyond them for some smooth pavement! Easier said than done, I get it. You’re stronger than you realize and loved by many! 💕💜😘💜💕

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