What, exactly, do you think a mid-life crisis is all about? Is it a sudden realization that your life is half over and you have little or nothing to show for it? Is it an eye opening experience that makes you stop and re-think every decision you have ever made? Is it meeting someone that you connect with on a soul-level that suddenly seems EXACTLY like what you were always looking for? I guess it is made up of some part or all of those things. For some its more dangerous than others. But no matter what, I get the “crisis” part for sure. Anything that throws a person for a loop and causes them to re-evaluate things that just last week, last month, the other day, seemed the norm and “okay” qualifies as crisis-worthy.

And is it wrong to have a mid-life crisis? I guess if things improve for the better, and doesn’t cause pain (or too much, at least), then it’s fine. But what if the crisis leads to something else…leads to major changes and creates misery and grief for everyone that is important, while seeming to be exactly what is best for you? That’s where it gets murky. There is just no clear answer. At least, for me.

I think I am having a mid-life crisis now. I am definitely re-evaluating everything and trying to figure out where to go from here. I just have to make sure it is the best for my family, my children, but mostly, for me.

Do I get a job? Go back to school? Throw myself into volunteer work? I don’t know the answer, although I am giving all three a shot.

Maybe I’ll just get a puppy.

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