Put to shame

My husband has now joined the blog-o-sphere. It did not occur to me until he created his own blog how surprising it was that he had not done so years ago. I guess he is so mired in geekdom that I just took it for granted that he was already “out there,” so to speak.

So now, he has put me to shame since he is going to start blogging. I can’t seem to be spurred on by my friends’ blogs, but perhaps a bit of friendly, “in-house” competition will spur me to become less sporadic of a blogger.

Check his out…it’s new, so not much to read yet, but stay tuned. It will be good reading down the road…I guarantee!

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2 Responses to Put to shame

  1. Administrator says:

    I have two more posts in draft mode right now. Get busy baby.

  2. Rita says:

    Good going, Tracy. Let’s hear it for in-house competition! And then let’s hear more from Lynette. 🙂

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