Tracy was out of town this past week at a conference, so while he was gone, I became suddenly inspired to tackle a few major projects. I cleaned out the garage and stowed seasonal stuff on the shelves in the garage. The shelves, I might add, which Tracy so diligently built in January and which sat basically empty until last week. We are slow when it comes to completing projects.

All my activity, however, had a dual purpose. It made me feel better about my home, and it also served to (hopefully) inspire Tracy to tackle even larger projects upon his return. Guess what?

It worked!

We ripped out a ton of shrubs from the front of our house which were old, over grown and half dead.


This is what it looks like for now…until we fill it with new, smaller shrubbery.



And today, we went to Lowes, bought pre-fabbed cabinets and installed them in my laundry room.


All in all, I’d say it was a very productive weekend.

Now if I can just get him to commit on repainting the outside of the house, remodeling the kitchen and our bathroom, hanging shelves in Molly’s room……

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