Somedays it’s nice here…some days it’s just plain nasty. Today, it’s beautiful: 50 and sunshine (I know…this is frigid winter weather for some of you). Yesterday, it was 38 and raining. Tomorrow it’s going to be 53 and rain. Saturday? 36 and snow/rain mix. This is the beauty of Spring in the north.

This is also the beauty of spring in the north:

HyacinthsHyacinths starting to poke their heads through the dirt.

DaffodilsDaffodils preparing for a glorious, sunny show.

TulipsAnd tulips hinting that they will be stunningly graceful this year.

It’s these little signs that keep me going. Oh, and my continually developing interest in birding. I love to watch the birds outside my window. I decided I’m not Tippi Hedren (of “The Birds” movie fame) but I must be her sister, Tilli, who enjoyed birds so much she drove her little sister to bird madness!

Either way, I’m glad Spring is finally starting to arrive…even if it is every other day.

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  1. Hey Lynette, I love Spring. Up here in the GA mountains it is an on off thing too. One day 65, the next day snowing. But my bulbs that I planted are finally peeping threw the ground and it’s cool to watch. We have plowed our garden for the first time and will do it again come May. It’s a refreshing time of year, makes me know, the warm long days are coming. B

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