In February, I went to Vegas with three friends from Florida. When my former college roommates started talking “girls’ weekend in Vegas,” I quickly did all I could to stop the trip. One trip to Vegas in one year is more than enough for me. I suggested just about every other city in the country, including, I think, Santa Claus, Indiana. But, alas, it was all to no avail. The girls wanted Vegas, so the girls got Vegas.

Getting together as a group of college roommates for the first time in almost 15 years was a strange, yet wonderful experience. Three of us are married, mothers, and living a very typical domestic experience. One is still single (but working on that with a wonderful guy). It was strange because we all seemed to mesh right back to where we were when we lived together in school. Except this time we talked about kids and being pregnant and adopting and diapers and husbands and issues with kids growing up. Our single friend asked about marriage (“How do you know?,” etc.).

It was also wonderful because we had a fantastic time. I felt reconnected to a part of my life that is so far gone as to be almost surreal. Being with these women made me remember that yes, not only did I attend college, but I had a fantastic time there.

We had many laughs remembering arguments (“Someone spilled my conditioner all over the tub and now it’s half empty!”) and funny stories (Allison made a pan of brownies, ate one and threw the rest away…torturing the rest of us with the delicious smell of fresh baked, yet untouchable, brownies) and silly pranks played on each other (Spying on Jill & Brian when they were sitting on the couch watching TV and, ahem, “enjoying” each other’s company). These barely scratch the surface of our memories.

The best part of the whole weekend was that we all seemed to have different memories. So whenever one of us would bring up a story, the chances were good that the rest of us had forgotten it. It was like we had all taken our own personal pieces of the puzzle and when we met this weekend, we put them back together.

And the picture was beautiful.

vegas 2.jpg

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  1. Oh! That looks so fun! You look radiant and just like you had the best time. College roomates are truly the best! There is nothing like them and nothing as sweet as those years of almost adulthood and already teenager-dom!!

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