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Fun with names

Check out this website:

Are you Well Envoweled?
How well envoweled is Lynette Snell? We checked 1,000,000 names and 92.6% had more vowels than ‘Lynette Snell‘. That means you are
poorly envoweled.
Check your envowelment, find your Power Animal, and see your name in binary at

Enter your friends’ names and then giggle like crazy!

3 thoughts on “Fun with names”

  1. I am average voweled, however my numerology info was pretty impressive. Apparently:
    My ‘Numerology’ number is 1. If it wasn’t (swear word here), it would mean that I am ambitious, independent, and self-sufficient. Although I am generally happy, loving, dynamic and charismatic, I can sometimes be egotistical, selfish and melodramatic.

    What????? Excuse me????? egotistical, seflish and melodramatic???? PUH-LEASE!!! 🙂

  2. I am also well envoweled, but not too crazy about my personal power animal being the Eurasian Three-toed Woodpecker as I am more of a dog lover 🙂 How are ya, girlfriend? Happy Holidays! I miss you.

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