I have been avoiding this. Partly because I cannot bear to admit Astro is gone. Partly because my feelings have been cryogenically preserved in time and I do not want to light the torch to thaw them out. Mostly because it will mean finality. And I hate finality.

As I was scrolling through my email inbox this morning, I started re-reading the many emails people had written to me after I let them know Astro had died. Suddenly, it hit me.

Their words were the best tribute I could offer. Those who knew Astro truly appreciate our loss. So here is a sampling of what Astro’s friends have said.

Let their words be all the tribute necessary.

Astro was such a great dog. Sorry to hear that he passed away. 🙁

Lynette I am so sorry, he truly was a great dog. I know how much he meant to your family, I will pray for peace and comfort for you, Tracy and the kids. I am sending all my love, you know he was my favorite dog.

I am so sorry to hear about Astro…I know how hard this is….

I am SO sorry; know how devastating it is to lose a beloved pet…my prayers are with you and yours. Oh…I am so sorry.

No words for now…just sending you love and prayers…Im so sorry!

My heart is broken for you and your family!!! I will pray for you–what a great loss!

Your family is first in our prayers! So sorry to hear about Astro, he was such a good dog.

My heart hurts for you!! I have nothing great and comforting to say . . . I’m just sitting here looking at my fingers trying to figure out how to ease your grief, and I have nothing.

I can’t believe it. Astro was such an awesome dog. I know it is hard, they are like one of our babies. I am also very sad that Astro and Sadie never met. They would have had so much fun. I know that you will miss him.

We do and will miss him, too. You may feel lonely, but you are not alone in your heartbreak. He was a good dog and had the best of families.

Im crying reading this. I know exactly how you feel. Its a terrible feeling and such a loss of a special wonderful member of your family. I still miss Dexter…at least once a day I miss him.

Sorry to hear about your family’s loss of Astro.

I am so sorry about Astro. I keep thinking about him & Murray & how hard this is for you & your family. I am glad that with each passing day, it is getting a little less sorrowful (is that a word?:?) anyway, we have been praying for you! And yes, you are so right, our God is good!

I was so surprised and even more saddened to hear about Astro. I just expected him to have a bit longer with us. I am so sorry – you lost your good ole buddy. He was a sweet, big ole lug. After all, he could have completed removed my nose that Christmas, but instead he just engulfed my face in his big ole playful way. I will miss him too.

Just opened this email. I’m not calling right now because I think
it will be difficult to make words instead of tears. I’m so very
sorry. I hate it for you guys. I know he had a major impact on
your life because he was such a huge personality. As I cry for you
I’m crying for every one of mine I’ve loved and lost. Memories….

Whatever you want to do about getting the puppy is fine. She’s
here waiting and the family is excited about your
family taking her. They’ll have even more of a stitch in their hearts
when they hear that you lost Astro and this puppy has HUGE
paws to fill.


Thanks, Astro, for being such a joy to so many people.

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