It’s been a rough week. Long, painful, heart-wrenching and exhausting. Last night I felt like Holly Go-Lightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’m not quite sure I had the “mean reds” but I certainly had the blues. I retreated into the cave that is my basement and sunk into mindless TV land. I thought, “I should blog, but my blogs have been so depressing lately, I’m sure no one wants to read them anymore.”

Would it ever change?

Today is better. I’m still in physical pain, but my heart hurts less each day. And the weather was beautiful today. Perfect for my first outing post-surgery. I watched my daughter play in a soccer tourney (her team lost in round 1…I was really ok with that). I sat outside. I ate ice cream.

The blues today were more from the sky than from my heart. It was a good feeling to feel happy again.

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  1. I’m always amazed at how the weather affects me. The past two days have been beautiful here, and I’ve been in the yard with the youngest, digging, weeding, planting. My heart is lighter than it was during the LONG two weeks of rain we’ve just had.

    It also cheers my spirit to read that you’re doing a little better. I’ve been thinking of you so very much.

  2. What IM always amazed at is how physical pain/illness has such an effect on our psyche…I was talking to a friend yesteday who has had an illness for about 2 weeks and she is in a dark place. I reminded her that alot of the time physicl pain distorts our perspective…I know it does with me. Hang in there sister! You will be right as rain soon enough! xooxox

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