…and all through the house
Lynette is screaming and wailing
And throwing her mouse.

The children are nestled,
All snug in their beds,
Which is a good thing
‘Cause Mom might lose her head!

For tomorrow she leaves
On a journey so fair
To reach for her goals,
And not pull out her hair.

The ACFW Conference
Is but one short day away
She struggles for breviloquence
(Hey, not much rhymes with conference!)
And tries not to play.

The piano, it calls her.
Target does, too.
She writes silly poems
Better suited to a zoo.

Alas, she must focus
And write, write, write, write!
Or a swarm of mad locusts
Might swoop down and bite.

The clock, it is ticking
Loud and so fast
Yet nothing is clicking
So she thinks she will pass.

But no, Rita replies
Time will not wait
Sit down at your desk
And write ’til it’s late!

Heeding her words,
I sit here and stare
At an empty computer screen
And wonder what I should wear.

Perhaps when next I write
I will be almost published
And if not, then I’ll return
And try to get un-unpublished.

Signing off until after ACFW Conference 2006!

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  1. It’s nice to know that my words of encouragement lead you to contemplate your wardrobe, too. At least you wrote about it, I guess. Hmm. Speaking of wardrobe, I’ve gotta go pack.

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