Apparently, I am failing the masses (ahem) who read my blog daily.  They are hanging on my words as if they are drips of nourishing honey. 


I am just not blogging like I should. 

But as I have already stated in a previous blog (see “Where Does The Time Go?”), I am actually busy.  Working, editing, writing, creating.  Oh, and getting my kids on their very first school bus ride to their first day at a new school, entertaining my in-laws for two weeks, my parents for two weeks and preparing for my brother (who is coming in two weeks) and my sister-in-law who will be here the week before I leave for Dallas and the ACFW conference.  Did I mention Bunco in there anywhere?  And soccer practice and cheerleading practice?  I’m tired just thinking about all I have to do.

And I still want to write a 45,000 word novel by the time I get to Dallas.  So far, my word count is at 552. 

In the midst of all this, I had the very great pleasure to attend my local Romance Writers of America chapter’s monthly meeting last weekend.  Colleen Coble, author of the Rock Harbor Series, the Aloha Series and many other books (I believe her next release makes it number 30), was the guest speaker.  She was entertaining, informative and exceedingly friendly.

She offered a long list of suggestions for how to focus your writing in the proper direction.  My favorite quote from her was, “write what you are passionate about.  Me?  I just enjoy killing people!”  Can you guess what she writes?

I had the chance to chat with her outside the meeting and she informed me that her best friend is none other than Kristen Billerbeck who I have been hoping to meet.  Colleen told me that she and Kristen, along with two other authors, have a blog they write together and have a great time doing it.  It made me wonder if that is something I should propose to Rita (my critique partner).

Regardless, Colleen graciously offered to introduce me to Kristen Billerbeck at the conference in Dallas in September, and told me to find Colleen so she could do just that.  I plan to take her up on the offer.  As it happens, I am taking a course at the conference taught by Colleen, Kristen and the two authors with whom they blog. 

Enough for today…kids need to get up, parents need to be entertained, and books need to be written.

That’s all I can do for anyone today.

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