Twas the week after Christmas and all through the house
Every creature was stirring, even my restless spouse!

The stockings are scattered and thrown on the floor
The presents have already made their way out the door

Soon all the presents will be broken and torn
And cries and wails of sorrow will mourn

But for now the children are running, playing, and jumping
And even complaining “What can we do?” with no little bit of grumping

The once beautiful green tree is now sagging and brown
The ornaments keep falling and smashing to the ground

In an effort to regain control by sending my family away
I hope to clean up the house that has gone far astray

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But pieces of candy cane stuck in the miniature village reindeer

Remnants of wrapping paper are strewn all around
Boxes and bows and styrofoam forms abound

In corners are pieces of things I cannot I.D.
I throw them away without question…happily!

I pause for a moment surveying the craze
And think to myself, “This could take several days!”

But finally the tree is gone, the ornaments put back
And I will soon settle down for a long winter’s…

No nap for this mom for soon school will start
And off we will go again, so take heart

Homework and spelling tests and basketball games
Are the first things in January that will be our aims

But memories of Christmas and happy family times
Will stay with us always, locked in our minds.

A new year, number 2006 is fast approaching
And still the house’s mess is encroaching

So off I go to return to my work
And try not to turn my back with a jerk

I cannot afford any medical bills this year
For I spent all my money on the ones I hold dear!

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