I’ve been sick to my stomach all morning. Terrorist idiots have left their evil mark on this world again. This time in London. As soon as I saw the headline on CNN’s website this morning, I was briefly transported back to where I sat in my old house on September 11, 2001, watching in unchecked horror the events that unfolded that day. I briefly felt that fear course through my veins. I immediately accounted for all of my family members’ whereabouts. I cried. All of this within one minute of reading the news.

I desperately needed to talk to my husband who is in New Jersey right now. I needed to hear his voice and be reassured. Of what, I do not know. I just needed comfort. But I knew he’d still be asleep. It was only 7:30 or so. Suddenly I saw him log onto chat. I was relieved and comforted just seeing his name pop up.

Why do people do this?
To make innocent people afraid? It worked.
To make a statement? It was heard loud and clear.
To effect a positive change? Done. Positive for us. Not so positive for them.

I will hold onto my belief in the rightness of securing peace for the overwhelming majority of earth’s inhabitants. I will hold onto my belief in justice for those who murder, maim and terrorize just for the sake of murdering, maiming and terrorizing. Most importantly, I will hold onto my belief in the ultimate Justice…Jesus Christ. In the end, He will bring everyone of us to stand before His throne and give an accounting of our actions on earth. I’m not always sure I’m ready for that. It’s quite frightening being held accountable. I wonder if these evil people are prepared for that accounting? Are you?

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