Hurricane Dennis is barreling its way toward the United States. I’m so excited! We’re already at the letter D and no hurricanes have hit us in Central Florida yet! Last year we experienced Charley, Frances, and Jeanne. Oh, and Crazy Ivan made a quick stop as well. Crazy Ivan was so named because he hit the panhandle of Florida, entering through the Gulf, went up through Georgia, out North Carolina, made a wild, sharp southward turn and came back to hit Florida from the Atlantic Coast, exiting back into the Gulf making a complete circle. Crazy Ivan indeed. But that was last year. This year is different.

So far.

We’re already up to Dennis and nothing more than rain and a few breezy gusts have hit us. Wonder how long our luck will hold out this year? Charley did not hit until around the 20th of August. We managed to pack in 4 hurricanes between August 20th and October 1st in 2004. I’m optimistic that they’re all heading up the Gulf. But I’m also hoping patterns don’t change and they start hitting us again.

I’m truly sorry for those folks in the Gulf (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida’s panhandle), but we had a wretched Fall last year. I think it’s only fair to share the wealth with others. Give North Carolina and Florida a break.

Emily is next. Then Franklin. Followed by Gert. I don’t want to start on Harvey, Irene and Jose.

But who’s counting?

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