A couple days ago, I posted about making a conscious effort to find joy in at least one thing each day.  I have had a couple interesting days and I thought, “I must share!”  So below are a few things that have come to my mind as I have been consciously trying to find joy.

  1. It’s much easier to find joy than I thought it would be.
  2. God wasted no time in bringing something joyful to me:  I rescued two adorable puppies who had escaped their yard and were gleefully (and joyfully) roaming from yard to yard.  I returned them to a very grateful, nerve-wracked owner who had been searching for them.
  3. How can you not be joyful when puppies are involved??
  4. As the day wore on and the usual frustrations and garbage threatened to overwhelm me, I just called to mind one word:  PUPPIES!!!  (See?  You can’t even say the word without smiling!)
  5. Every time I drive by that house now, I find myself smiling as I think of those sweet babies.  
  6. Nothing could ever make me as joyful as puppies…except having a horrid afternoon at work one day, wanting to quit, and then coming in the next morning to find that everyone had magically taken their own joyful pills and we were all working well together and getting along great!  
  7. Each day brings new opportunities for finding joy 
  8. It was surprising how easy it was to find more than one joyful moment.
  9. I now find myself looking for other things to be joyful about.
  10. This could be habit forming.

Now, my world may implode before 5:00 pm tonight, but in the meantime, I’m going to cling to those puppies and this good day at work and my temporary reprieve from sorrow and depression.  It gives me hope that tomorrow might be just like today.

And hopefully I’ll see more puppies along the way.

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