I don’t know what this title has to do with my topic, but it seemed like a good one at the time.  Actually, I did mean it as a reference to that fact that it has been over a year since my last blog entry.  I blame this partly on Facebook.  Since I became a FB junkie, I have completely forgotten the thrill of writing and posting on my blog.  And if it weren’t for the fact that I am now a Graduate student at IU, and am required to complete several entries, I would probably still be cruising through FB land!  But, instead, here I am, cramming, as it were, to complete my assignment, and suddenly remembering why I started a blog in the first place!

Today, I learned something new, which a good thing, considering the amount of money I am spending to work towards earning my Master’s degree in Library & Information Science.  I discovered a site called bloglines.com.  Many people use this site, I am sure, so it is with no small amount of trepidation at the ridicule I might receive that I admit to never having heard of it before.

What, pray tell, does this website do?  Simply put, it manages blogs.  It has a user-friendly interface which can track current blog postings for any number of sites you may subscribe to.  It also provides the opportunity for you to create your own blog.  Since I have this lovely experience already established, I chose not to go that route.  Clearly, one blog is more than enough for me.  Bloglines.com also manages news’ websites feeds, keeping you up-to-date on all current events at the click of a mouse.

Some additional features offered on bloglines.com is a list of the top 1000 subscriptions, tips on the best search functions and how to manage your account, and import/export subscriptions from other feed/blog managers.  All in all, this site is a useful tool for the average user who sits in front of her computer all day reading Facebook posts and playing Bejeweled Blitz.

At least now, with bloglines.com, I can pretend to know more than I actually do AND have the headline information to support my claims.  Check it out…you, too, can play!

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