Two years ago, we uprooted our family, for the sake of family unity, and moved from our beloved Orlando to the cold North. To say it was bittersweet is vastly understating the months leading up to and following our departure.

We returned for a visit over Thanksgiving of 2006. Quite simply, the visit was too soon. The experience was something akin to pouring salt on the proverbial wound. I was miserable after that visit. I cried, I went into depression, I could hardly think about anything but my former life in Florida.

June of 2007 arrived and we returned to Florida for an extended visit. We spent three weeks traveling around the state, visiting family and friends. I did not go to our old church…I still felt the newly formed scars of leaving, so I avoided the hallowed halls of that place, preferring instead to visit the friends who meant the most to me, in their homes–away from the symbols of our former life (the church, the school, the old neighborhood, etc.).

I had not been back…until this year. I have been to our old church twice. And let me tell you…two years really seems to be the magic number for me. I have been thrilled by renewing old acquaintances and refreshing friendships maintained electronically with tangible hugs, cozy chats on the couch, and simple pleasures of watching our kids also renew their friendships.

In short, this trip has been wonderful.

Do I miss my old life? Absolutely. Do I wish we could move back here? Of course! Am I looking forward to returning back North to my home and not-so-new-anymore life? Without a doubt.

Isn’t it amazing how God fills our lives with things…especially when we don’t even realize that those “things” are present?

We are happy visiting here, for now. But the good news, for me at least, is that we will be happy when we return home, as well.

Time heals…much.

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  1. Oh Lynette, I can so relate to all of your words. Moving to the mountains has been with mixed emotions for me but I know that I certainly DO NOT want to return to Florida. My oldest daughter says, come “home” for Christmas, but this (the mountains) for us “is home”. Time just has a way of making it home although we lived in Florida , 16 years and it was the longest place we ever lived in our 31 years of marriage. This is just a place of grandeur. It’s been a hard almost 2 years, but it’s a beautiful place. What I miss is my friends, my kids, but, Florida is 10 hours away and driveable! We do it when we need to.

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