I had the ultimate pleasure of a one week vacation to Big Sky, Montana with my family the first week in August. It was spectacular on many levels, not the least of which was the scenery.

On one particular day, we rode a chair lift to the mid-point of Lone Peak, alt. 11,166 feet. Half of our group headed toward the summit, while the rest of us walked down a ski trail. We had just begun our trek downward (I was in the less ambitious group), we noticed a fox running out of a copse of trees. We froze in our tracks as he continued to advance, keeping a wary eye on our position. He was clearly on the hunt.

He stopped on a small mound in the clearing, just beyond our position. He continually looked back at us, while he remained perched, silently atop the mound.

He seemed to decide we were no threat, either to him or his soon-to-be meal, for suddenly, he crouched down, and leapt with all his might. I was lucky enough to capture the moment on camera. I don’t claim it to be a fantastic photograph, but I must say, this could be the best photo I have ever taken.

Was he successful? You bet!

Now that was a fox hunt!

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  1. Great pics! Can you upload bigger versions. I want to see the full beauty of your photography skills.

  2. Hooray! You’re writing!!!!!

    What a great trip you got to go on– I need to see more pictures than these, although truly, these are really great shots. A great camera goes a long way toward great pictures, doesn’t it? My shutter speed is so slow that everyone sighs when I’m taking their pictures… oh well.

    Miss you!

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