Well, three days into our return from our former life and things are back to normal. Better than normal, in fact, if I’m truly honest with myself. Usually Mondays are fraught with tension, grumpy kids, and the serious blahs. Yesterday, however, was not that way at all. The kids finished their homework, played with friends and then hopped into the car for our typical Monday shuttling-about-town trek for diving and basketball practices.

I have not fully recovered from the trip, however. I’m still fighting a mild case of the blues and wish that I had more to return to here in Indiana. But instead of launching a full-blown pity party, I have started to think what I can do to change that. So far it involves playing a lot of Solitaire on my computer.

And speaking of computers, my husband bought me a lovely new laptop for our 10th wedding anniversary. I enjoyed its speed and sleekness for a whopping 7 days before it puked its guts and died. Yesterday, I called Apple (as many of you know, I am a devoted follower and worshipper at the altar of the great and mighty Macintosh) for technical support. I do not lie one bit when I tell you how my conversation went.

Me: Hi, I just bought a new MacBook Pro and it worked fine for about a week and then suddenly I can’t get it to turn on at all. I can hear it trying, but the screen remains blank and I can’t see anything.

Tech: OK. Well, let’s get the serial number for it. Click on the blue apple in the upper left corner.

Me: Did you hear what I just said? I cannot get it to turn on! (Me thinking: if I could see the blue apple, do you think I’d be throwing away precious minutes of my life talking to you?)

Tech: Ooohhh! Ok. Well, let’s see. I think you can find the serial number–

Me: I found it under the battery. What next?

This went on for approximately 45 minutes, complete with him telling me I could return it to the store where I bought it. The end of our conversation went like this:

Me: I didn’t buy it at a store, I bought it from apple.com

Tech: Apple.com? (silence for a few seconds). OOOOOOHHHHHH! You mean you bought it on the internet!

Sigh. There it goes–fluttering away on golden wings: 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

I should have done what I originally expected to do: take it to the Apple Store in the mall. At least there, hopefully, I won’t be senselessly and tragically robbed of 45 minutes of my life.

Like I said…back to normal here!

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