…writing a synopsis would cause so much physical pain?  Apparently everyone knows this.  I knew this to be true but I did not truly understand until I began avoiding my computer at all costs when the blank document mocked me from my computer screen.  I even saved it as “Synopsis.”  I just had nothing to put in it.  So I stalled.

I cleaned my office.  I unpacked boxes (we only moved in a year ago.  I guess now is as good a time as any to start unpacking).  I cleaned the kitchen.  I did laundry.  I even, gasp, made dinner!  I haven’t done that in two weeks!  And now, I am blogging.  How pathetic.  I just need to write a few words!  I’ve already written the story, why should a few words telling it be so difficult?

I heard an explanation of sorts tonight.  Writing creatively draws heavily on the right side of the brain:  you show the story in vivid detail.  Writing a synopsis is the antithesis of creativity.  It forces the writer to go against everything she has learned, crafted, honed, struggled to capture in her writing:  tell not show. 

I am learning a vast deal about this process.  I don’t want to.  I wish I could just go to Borders or Barnes and Noble and pick up the Cliff’s Notes for Synopses.  Or better yet, a fill in the blank form.  I can see it now:

My hero/heroine (circle one) is  named _________________.  He/she (circle one) has a crisis when ______________________.  He/she (circle one) _______________ then he/she __________________.  The story ends when__________________. 

Can’t get much more telling than that, I suppose.

And all this time, the blank page has not moved.  “Still here!” it taunts.  “Take your time!  I’m not going anywhere!”

Great.  Now it has its own voice.  Who knew?

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