She’s finally an official member of our family.


We left Indy on Wednesday and drove down to Atlanta, where we picked her up on Thursday morning. She is so sweet! She is calm, adorable, soft as can be, and best of all…a total cuddle bunny! She took to Tracy instantly (which was NOT how I envisioned the relationship beginning), and has spent most of the last two days fighting and playing with my brother’s dog, Cinnamon. Those two have worn each other out!

puppies playing.jpg

I love visiting my brother and his family in Valdosta. My nephew, Ryan, is a senior in High School this year. I can hardly believe he is already so grown up. He’s such an outstanding young man and I am extremely proud of him.


Ryan and my niece, Becca, who is a sophomore, both perform with the marching band. It was the last chance for me to see Ryan in his high school marching band career. Their band is awesome, boasting some 400+ members. They hold the honor of marching in the Rose Bowl Parade, President Bush’s 2nd Inauguration Parade, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Chicago Thanksgiving Day parade and in 2008, they will march at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. What great experiences for these high schoolers. They have won many awards and if you see them perform, you will understand why.


I love my family. And my new puppy dog.

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  1. Hey! No fair making me feel old by posting a grown-up Ryan picture on here. I just had an “ain’t-no-way-I-met-him-twelve-years-ago” reaction. But, alas, ’tis true. Gotta go take my Geritol now. (Can’t wait to meet Scoobs.)

  2. She has such a sweet face! I’m so happ for you and the family. Great shot of the band with the stadium lights, too.


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