I think I might be old and gray by the time Astro completely recovers from his recent ordeal.

Yesterday afternoon, Astro, who had been lying on the floor, jumped up and started acting weird. I looked at him and literally freaked out. His left eye was sunken, rolling up into his head, his right eye was going in the opposite direction, his back was hunched up, he was staggering and disoriented and drooling like mad. I grabbed the phone and called the vet, fairly screaming into the receiver “I’m coming in right now!”

By the time I had hung up and started rounding the kids up (who, incidentally, had taken my cue and were now freaking out as well), Astro seemed to have recovered. His eyes were back to normal, he had stopped drooling and he was able to walk on his own to the car.

When we got to the vet, the doors opened and people rushed to help us. You know, you spend a ton of money some place and suddenly you become important. Anyway, Astro was shaking insanely and not very happy to be back at the site of so much doom in his life. The vet listened to his heart and took his pulse and declared all was still very well and normal in that area. After checking him out, the vet determined Astro must have had a minor “embolistic” event which means he probably had a blood clot somewhere which dislodged and went to his brain or lungs.

Fortunately, an embolism is not as lethal in dogs as it can be in humans. So once the thing had moved out of the area, he was fine. Sort of like a brain freeze after drinking something cold too fast. At least, that’s how I looked at it. By the time we left the vet, he was back to himself and was happy to go home. Now Astro is on 1 aspirin a day to try to thin out any remaining blood clots hiding in his system somewhere.

When I got home, I just wilted. The intensity of that moment, the high stress concentrated into one hour, almost did me in. In spite of that, we’re all here and doing well.

At least for today!

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  1. Oh my! It just keeps on coming, doesn’t it? Hang in there! ps… love the missing teeth picture.

    I like the new template. What’s the meaning behind the race horses?

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