They are a staple in my wardrobe. My daughter complains that I only buy white t-shirts. But how can a girl have too many? Especially this girl.

While they do go with anything and everything, they also are magnetized. Did you realize this? Perhaps you do not buy your white shirts at the same places I do. My shirts attract every sort of staining liquid on the face of the earth.

For example, yesterday morning I put on a white shirt and promptly got a big glob of syrup on the front after feeding my kids breakfast. So I changed. Into another white shirt. Then I went and got a drink. Took one sip, and whammo! Another stain on my 2nd white shirt.

This morning, while I was penning my pithy remarks about cool air, I took a swig of fortifying coffee and managed to pour about a fourth of it on my 3rd white shirt in less than 24 hours.

So while the classic white tee is a wardrobe essential, there are also hazards to wearing them.

And I wouldn’t be your friend if I did not warn you.


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  1. I sooooo completely agree with you, except, I use black. That way, when I spill stuff on it, it’s not as noticable. Like you, all my white things have stains all over the front of them. Sigh. How are folks supposed to see us as the perfect creatures we are, if our shirts have stains????? Double sigh.

  2. you must come see my closet. As a friend told me one day….”You have a problem!” BUT they arent all the same…you have the short sleeved with the collar, the short sleeved without the collar, the tee shirt V neck with 3/4 sleeves…the 10 button with a collar…it just goes on and ohn….

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