Do you wonder what you will be when you grow up?

I do…almost every day, especially as my kids grow older and I see them developing their own personalities, forming the tastes and motivations that will guide their lives. And I am reminded, “Oh yeah, I used to have dreams, too.” Suddenly, crazy thoughts begin to roll around in my brain. They all begin with “What if…?”

What if…I got a job?
What if…I went back to school and got a Master’s degree in Writing?
What if…I start writing magazine articles instead of pursuing only novel writing?
What if…I find something that stimulates my intellect and causes me to grow as an individual?
What if…my dreams comes true?

So I have begun exploring the possibilities…schools, jobs, anything I can do while my kids are at school but that doesn’t cut into my family time while they are home (too much, anyway). I don’t know where these considerations may lead, but I am at least interested in following the path for a while.

What if…indeed?

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  1. Good for you! You are such a gifted writer– I’m glad you’re thinking about exploring creative possibilities. Take a couple of courses at a time and explore your options.

    Love you friend!

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