…well, actually, writing. Thank you, Jo Rowling for your inspiring perseverance through seventeen years, for your continuing on with the story when everything seemed in the pits, and for finishing the story so satisfactorily.

Thank you also, to dear friends who blog and continue to blog. It makes me ashamed that I have left something I love so passionately alone for so long.

Don’t expect waterfalls of blogs or novels churned out at alarming rates. Just know that, at long last, the urge to write is rearing its lovely head again and I hope, hope, hope, to test the waters soon and see how I respond.

Who knows what the future may hold: writing…dancing…new friends…it’s sort of exciting just waiting to see how it all plays out.

Stay tuned!

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  1. It’s like some crazy love affair, this on-again off-again relationship you have with words. I have faith that love will win out in the end. And while I know better than to expect blog posts to flow forth from you, I certainly do expect novels and creative ideas to flood my in-box.

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