I have a personal goal of 3,000 words a day for November’s “NaNoWriMo” or National Novel Writing Month, in order to achieve the much coveted “50,000 word novel in 30 days” elite status.  Oh, I cannot write every day.  That silly goal is for my friend Rita.  Ha ha.  O foolish one!  Of course, she’ll probably get the last laugh and do it, knowing her.  I just dare her to write something akin to 90,000 words of ROMANCE.  Then we’ll see who has the last laugh.

Meanwhile, here I sit, procrasti-writing.  It’s my new phrase.  I’m actually writing.  I’m just procrastinating writing what I should be writing.  Hence, procrasti-writing.  I’m a genius sometimes.

Oh, I’m also photographing the beauty that is fall in Indiana.  Right outside my front door stands a glorious maple tree that has deigned to hold off turning until the last possible moment.  It’s a smart tree.  Almost all the others are barren and spindly with their leafless, twiggy look.  But  not Miss Maple.  No.  She shines spectacularly amidst the grey and blankness of late fall.

So while I procrasti-write, I also enjoy the splendor of God’s glorious creation.  Here–enjoy it too!

Library - 1543This is the tree from my vantage point (my office window).

Library - 1544A close up of the multi-colored leaves, still in the process of changing colors.
Library - 1545The view the rest of the world sees from the street.

Library - 1546Just look at those shades of red!

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  1. I figured it out. Your NaNo is going to be a compilation of blog entries and IM chats. If so, you’ve probably already reached 50k words, right?

  2. Ha! Procrati-writing! GREAT! I’m going to use this… let’s see… excuse me while I procrasti-clean my bedroom…

    Miss you!

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